Used for pre-filters HVAC, industrial


HSB55 Serie Bag Filter is used as a pre-filter or fine filter in air conditioning systems among other things, air treatment cabinets, air conditioning systems, public areas, and as a pre-filter in cleanrooms and the pharmaceuticals industry.


  • Totally combustible
  • Lightweight frame


Application: prefilters HVAC, industrial

Frame: plastic

Spacers: synthetic

Bonding: N/A

Media: synthetic

Gasket: continuous poured gasket

Filterclass according to EN779:2012: M5

Maximum/recommended final presssure drop: 250 Pa

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

Type Dimensions WxHxD
# Pockets Filter Surface
Pressure drop
Energy label
BFHSB55A6-3 592X592X360 M5 6 3 3400 60 F
BFHSB55B5-3 490X592X360 M5 5 2.5 2800 60 F
BFHSB55C3-3 287X592X360 M5 3 1.5 1700 60 F
BFHSB55A6-6 592X592X600 M5 6 5 3400 45 D
BFHSB55B5-6 490X592X600 M5 5 4.1 2800 45 D
BFHSB55C3-6 287X592X600 M5 3 2.5 1700 45 D

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