Stainless Steel Mesh

Suitable for use in difficult operating conditions


Designed for Tough Applications Filters Direct permanent metal filters are suitable for use in very difficult operating conditions including high velocity (up to 900 FPM), high temperature, high moisture, corrosive environments, oil or grease laden air.


Type HD – Steel

Media – The media consists of multiple layers of pleated and flat stainless steel screen wire to provide and intricate maze of dirt catching surfaces. Multiple layers of media offer maximum filter surface area. Heavy gauge expanded metal grids on both sides protect the media and add rigidity to the filter construction.

Frame – The frame is made from a single piece of 20 gauge stainless steel channels with mitered corners for extra strength. The frame is predrilled with holes to allow grease to drain.

Washable for Repeated Use

Permanent metal filters can be cleaned by flushing with a hose, washing in warm soapy water or steam cleaned. Allow filters to dry then re‐install. With proper care and handling, metal filters can provide years of dependable service. Both styles of filters are available with bail type lift handles.


Application: Ideal for high moisture or high velocity conditions

Type: HD ‐ Steel Construction

  • Washable for repeated use
  • Low resistance
  • 65 ‐ 70% arrestance