Hepa HLA-G Series

Used for cleanrooms and operating rooms


The HEPA filters are checked for leak proofness at the end of the production process. It is advised to validate the functioning of the air-handling units after installation of the new HEPA filters, because of possible damages during transport or installation.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Every filter is delivered with a test certificate
  • HLA HEPA are fitted with 2 protection grids


Application: cleanrooms, operating rooms

Frame: extruded aluminum

Spacers: Hotmelt

Bonding: 2 component polyurethane

Media: glasfibre paper

Gasket: frothed polyerethane

Filter Classification according to EN1822: H13, H14

Maximum/recommended final pressure drop: 500 Pa

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

TypeDimensions WxHxD (mm)Filter ClassificationAirflow (m3/h)Airflow (L/s)Pressure Drop (Pa)Filter surface (m2)
HLA1113DBBG305 x 305 x 80H1315041902.9
HLA1113DBEG305 x 610 x 80H1330083906
HLA1114DBBG305 x 305 x 80H14150411002.9
HLA1114DBEG305 x 610 x 80H14300831006

Product sheets

HLA1113DBBG - Download PDF

HLA1113DBEG - Download PDF

HLA1114DBBG - Download PDF

HLA1114DBEG - Download PDF