HCG – HEPA Series

Used for cleanrooms, asbestos remediation and operating rooms


The HEPA filters are checked for leak proofness at the end of the production process. It is advised to validate the functioning of the air-handling units after installation of the new HEPA filters, because of possible damages during transport or installation.


  • Low pressure drop
  • High air flows
  • Every filter is delivered with a test certificate


Application: cleanrooms, asbestos remediation, operating rooms

Frame: galvanized steel

Spacers: Hotmelt

Bonding: 2 component polyurethane

Media: glasfibre paper

Gasket: frothed polyerethane

Filter Classification according to EN1822: H13, H14

Maximum/recommended final pressure drop: 500 Pa

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

TypeDimensions WxHxD (mm)Filter ClassificationAirflow (m3/h)Airflow (L/s)Pressure Drop (Pa)Filter surface (m2)
HVG1113NBBM305 x 305 x 292H139002502509
HVG1113NBEM305 x 610 x 292H13175048625019
HVG1113NEEM610 x 610 x 292H133750104125038
HCG1113NBBM305 x 305 x 292H13100027725010
HCG1113NBEM305 x 610 x 292H13200055525021
HCG1113NEEM610 x 610 x 292H134000111125042
HVG1113NADM288 x 592 x 292H13155043025020
HVG1113NDDM592 x 592 x 292H13320088825049
HVG1114NBBM305 x 305 x 292H149002502809
HVG1114NBEM305 x 610 x 292H14175048628019
HVG1114NEEM610 x 610 x 292H143750104128038
HCG1114NBBM305 x 305 x 292H14100027728010
HCG1114NBEM305 x 610 x 292H14200055528021
HCG1114NEEM610 x 610 x 292H144000111128042
HVG1114NADM288 x 592 x 292H14180050028020
HVG1114NDDM592 x 592 x 292H143750104128049

Product sheets

HVG1113NBBM - Download PDF

HVG1113NBEM - Download PDF

HVG1113NEEM - Download PDF

HCG1113NBBM - Download PDF

HCG1113NBEM - Download PDF

HCG1113NEEM - Download PDF

HVG1113NDDM - Download PDF

HVG1114NBBM - Download PDF

HVG1114NBEM - Download PDF

HVG1114NEEM - Download PDF

HCG1114NBBM - Download PDF

HCG1114NBEM - Download PDF

HCG1114NEEM - Download PDF

HVG1114NADM - Download PDF

HVG1114NDDM - Download PDF