PB Series

Used for air conditioning and ventilation systems


HEPA Filter PB series is used for air conditioning and ventilation systems and for industrial processes, cleanrooms and operating rooms.


  • Compact construction


Application: cleanrooms, operating rooms

Frame: Galvanized steel

Spacers: Hotmelt

Bonding: 2 component polyurethane

Media: glasfibre paper

Filter Classification according to EN1822: F8, F9, H10, H12, H13

Maximum/recommended final pressure drop: 450 Pa

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

TypeDimensions WxHxD (mm)Filter ClassificationAirflow (m3/h)Airflow (L/s)Pressure Drop (Pa)Filter surface (m2)
PB-F8-V202 x 600 x 86F820055403.5
PB-F8-V/90202 x 600 x 65F8200551003.5
PB-F9-V202 x 600 x 86F920055503.5
PB-F9-V/90202 x 600 x 65F9200551203.5
PB-H10-V202 x 600 x 86H10200551003.5
PB-H10-V/90202 x 600 x 65H10200551453.5
PB-H12-V202 x 600 x 86H12200551503.5
PB-H12-V/90202 x 600 x 65H12200551953.5
PB-H13-V202 x 600 x 86H13200551603.5
PB-H13-V/90202 x 600 x 65H13200552003.5