HF Bag Filters

Used for HVAC and industry


The bag filters holding frames have standard dimensions and are a good replacement for the used holding frames removed during the renovation of air treatment cabinets.


  • Very quick and Straightforward assembly
  • Continuous poured gasket


Application: HVAC

Frame: Stainless Steel

Gasket: frothed polyerethane

Maximum temperature: N/a

Maximum relative humidity: N/a

Comment: When 3 or more frames are mounted together, the frames need to be reinforced

Type Dimensions WxHxD
Dimensions filter Material Frames / box
Hold.Fr. A/Stainless steel-3 610x610x97 592x592x25 592x592x48 592x592x75 Stainless steel 3
Hold.Fr. B/Stainless steel-3 508x610x97 490x592x25 492x592x48 490x592x75 Stainless steel 3
Hold.Fr. C/Stainless steel-3 305x610x97 288x592x25 288x592x48 288x592x75 Stainless steel 6
Hold.Fr. CC/Stainless steel-3 305x305x97 288x288x25 288x288x48 288x288x75 Stainless steel 12

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