DF Panel

Used for prefilters HVAC, industry and spray booth


DF Panel filter is used as a pre-filter for air spray booths, air conditioning systems and industrial systems. This panel filter is a pleated filter which is assembled within a moisture-resistant cardboard frame.


  • Straightforward assembly
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Larger dust-holding capacity


Application: prefilters HVAC, industry, spray booth

Frame: Firm cardboard frame

Spacers: n.a.

Bonding: n.a.

Media: Synthetic

Gasket: optional Neoprene

Filter Classification according to EN779:2012: G4

Maximum/recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

TypeDimensions WxHxD (mm)Filter ClassificationFilter Surface (m2)Airflow (m3/h)Airflow (L/s)Pressure Drop (Pa)
DF 12x24x1289x594x23G40.4170047270
DF 16x20x1394x495x23G40.5188052270
DF 16x25x1394x622x23G40.7235065270
DF 20x20x1495x495x23G40.7235065270
DF 20x24x1495X594X23G40.7280077770
DF 20x25x1495x622x23G40.8290080570
DF 24x24x1594x594x23G40.9340094470
DF 12x24x2289x594x45G40.8170047255
DF 16x20x2394x495x45G40.9188052255
DF 16x25x2394x622x45G41235065255
DF 20x20x2495x495x45G41235065255
DF 20x24x2495X594X45G41.3280077755
DF 20x25x2495x622x45G41.4290080555
DF 24x24x2594x594x45G41.6340094455
DF 12x24x4289x594x94G41.7170047245
DF 16x20x4394x495x94G41.6188052245
DF 16x25x4394x622x94G42235065245
DF 20x20x4495x495x94G42235065245
DF 20x24x4495X594X94G42.5280077745
DF 20x25x4495x622x94G42.5290080545
DF 24x24x4594x594x94G43.1340094445