Glass Media

Used for air treatment systems and spray painting booths


Glass medium can be supplied either on a roll or in pre-cut sheets and is available in filter classe ISO Coarse 50%. It must be fitted correctly (fine side – dirty air side) and installed flat.


  • Very high dustholding capacity


Application: spray booth, prefilters gasturbines

Media: Glassfibre

Filterclass according to EN779:2012: G3

Maximum/recommended final presssure drop: 250 Pa

Maximum temperature: 80°C

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

Type Dimensions WxLxD
Filterclass Colour Airflow
Pressure Drop
PSG760x51 760x51x80 G3 Green/white 2500-6300 14
PSG1500x51 1500x51x80 G3 Green/White 2500-6300 14
PSG2000x20 2000x20x80 G3 Green/White 2500-6300 14
Andreae – Eco 0.9×11 n.a.

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